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JJROBOTS just born!

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The idea of JJROBOTS (click the link or the image) born nine months ago when my friend Juan Pedro, who works and live in UK, told me to open a web page to host the projects that I have been publishing here and make it easier to people to make it by themselves and create a platform to grow with new projects.

JJROBOTS is a blog with information of the projects, documentation, build manuals, schemes, a "how it works" section, and an online SHOP for the hardware parts (electronics, plastic parts...). Our target is that people have fun making their own robots and, at the same time, learn how it works. ALL will be OPEN, shared and documented. There will be a community behind with forums so you could get help from us and from other users as your could throw your ideas and share your hackings!

We want that people take this projects as a base, and fell free to hack them to the limits!

B-ROBOT is a good example. Starting from the design I published here last year, it have been improved in many ways. We have create a new electronics shield for an Arduino Leonardo, instructions, build manual and schemes. The code is now much simpler and better documented. This project is very FUN and ,as you can see in the video, the control is excellent! Kids love the robot and adults too!

This is an unique gadget that you could make by yourself (DIY). This is not a toy, is a robot that uses good motors, quality electronics, and sophisticated control algorithms.
Our idea is also to reuse most of the components involved in the early projects in another future projects. For example, the Wifi module (which is not cheap) will be used soon in more projects (subscribe to jjrobots to keep you updated). You are investing in electronic components that could have several lives (motors, arduino, wifi...)

This years we have realized that people love the open projects that I have been publishing here (B-ROBOT, arduspider, Air hockey robot...) but people have problems to reproduce them. Now there are no excuses! you will have available all the parts and documentation to success!

JJROBOTS is an exciting project for us and we are preparing new projects that I am sure you will love if you like the "makers" world...

We hope that you like this new site and we hope you support us on this adventure to create new and exciting robotic projects with "fun" and "learn" words in our minds.

Jose Julio & Juan Pedro

JJROBOTS (@jjrobots) science & fun 2015

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